“We believe that every contemporary designer should try to pursue a fundamental goal: not to waste energy”. A company that focuses on sustainable speed and on a conscious approach to the environment: those who choose Anvera will be able to live a unique boating experience, enjoying its sporty, innovative, and trendy forms of design.

The Anvera crossover boats are the result of a complex and highly technological design, aimed at achieving an excellent weight / power ratio and thus guaranteeing effective performance while limiting fuel consumption. This is possible only thanks to the carbon fiber, to the hull, to the engines and to a manufacture completely done inside the Anvera shipyard.

The boats are manufactured and built entirely in carbon fiber, thanks to the experience gained by the Anvera team since the early nineties and developed for the Class 1 Offshore, the ultimate expression of motor boating.

And it is thanks to carbon fiber that Anvera chase boats are unique in their kind: low weight to get excellent speed performance. Unparalleled performance, only possible thanks to lightness.

A search for efficiency that is synonymous with sustainability the two models Anvera 48 and Anvera 55 guarantee very low fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.

In order to develop a real industrial project in the sustainability sector, Anvera has also manufactured the ELab fully electric propulsion prototype boat: winner of the Solar & Energy Boat Challenge organized in July this year by the Monaco Yacht Club, has reached a real speed record, breaking the second place by 12 Km / h.