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Welcome to Anvera Chase Boat Division, where extraordinary meets seamless. Dive into a world of incredible details, solutions designed to exceed Captains’ and Owners’ team needs, and experiences redefining standards. When luxury is your way of life, compromise is not an option.

Anvera seamlessly blend with the elegance of your Yacht, delivering unparalleled luxury and performance. Anvera redefine the art of yachting, freedom, offering both style and substance with fast, comfortable and ready to turn every quay into a statement.


Swift, comfortable, and effortlessly operated by a single person, Anvera is the perfect tender for your Yacht. A Multifunction ladder combined with gangway function and side terraces opened allow you to have an incredible wide private floating beach for your daily bathe in magnificent bays and to steps easily to and from your Yacht. Hypalon fabric air tubes offer strength, lightness and elasticity. They are a buoyancy reserve and water protection in rough seas.


Unveil true lightness in yachting. Crafted entirely from carbon fiber, our boats dominate the market with the finest size-to-weight ratio. Redefine towing and boarding – experience the pinnacle of Chase Boat excellence that’s effortless to tow and board, setting the gold standard. Experience the power of sustainable performance: With low consumption and extended range, Anvera offers you the thrill of an eco-friendly boating experience without compromises.

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Indulge in personalization. Anvera Chase Boats can be fully tailored to your wishes, encapsulating your vision with preferred colors, finishes as well as your customization wishes. The fusion of your desires with our Italian craftsmanship results in a Chase Boat that’s uniquely yours.

Embrace the Future of Excellence: Anvera Commercial Chase Boat

Building on our successful history of delivering bespoke production boats, luxury tenders, and Chase Boats to the yacht industry, we’re glad to inform that we are capable to perform Anvera to be complies with some specific Commercial Code regulations, setting new standards of quality and performance, as per example the “MCA Small Commercial Vessel (SCV) MGN-280 Red Ensign Group” or “CYC 2020 – 60NM” Malta flag standards. Anvera sets sail towards a new era of excellence.

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Join us on this journey to redefine excellence in yachting. With Anvera Chase Boat Division and the Anvera Commercial Chase Boat Program, you’re not just a customer – you’re a partner in setting new standards of luxury and innovation.