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All the details

of your private beach

All the details of your private beach

“I thought of a dolphin and I designed Anvera." The words of our designer Aldo Drudi. The same willowy beauty, the same ability to experience the sea. All in a concentration of technology made in Italy.


Anvera 55

55 feet, unique liveability

Resistant and safe, it is the result of a complex and structured technological design, in which the optimum use of carbon fiber is combined with design awareness. A method that leads to an excellent weight/power ratio and, at the same time, to a considerable reduction of the installed horsepower. Its size and its openable side terraces make Anvera 55 the private beach for excellence.


Anvera 48


Combined with the safety of the Anvera method is the taste for riding the waves, with the guarantee of maximum efficiency. The lightness of the boat, due to use of special materials that we have a prolonged and in-depth experience of using, optimizes fuel costs without sacrificing speed. Anvera 48 is the ideal companion for those who experience the sea at full power.


Anvera 48

Anvera 42

COMING SOON42 feet, The pleasure of agility

Made in Italy creating inspiration. This boat comes from a careful design that characterizes us and our understanding of the sea. Anvera 42 has all the advantages of the Anvera boats, from the use of carbon fiber to the reduction of horsepower. And thanks to its small size, it can take you where you never dared go.

Anvera experience

“I have a yacht and wanted to experience the sea in a different way, to discover places I had never seen. With my Anvera 48 I found a marvellous bay, completely deserted. But I won’t tell you where it is”

 Andrei Raush