Anvera Elab overcame all expectations at the E-Regatta 2021, the event dedicated to electric propulsion boats that took place over three intense days, from 2 to 4 June in the splendid setting of the Arsenale, in conjunction with the second edition of the Boat Show. from Venice.

A unique event of its kind, during which creativity and innovation met the world of the nautical industry, sharing ideas and proposals on the world of alternative, innovative and eco-sustainable propulsion, respecting the environment and guided by the concept of clean energy.

The event began on 2 June with a parade in the Basin of San Marco and in the Grand Canal of all the participants, with departure and return to the Arsenale. On the second day, the Slalom trials, the brand new technical / artistic e-Ballerina format and the Sprint trial, a speed trial on a 500-meter course with the attempt to establish a new speed record. On the third day, the test of duration and autonomy, which was followed by the awards ceremony and a conference on the Ecological Transition in the nautical world.
Anvera Elab, prototype of a single-hull planing boat, with fully electric propulsion and built entirely of carbon fiber, qualified in first place both in the speed test and in the duration and autonomy test.

As for the sprint test, it was not possible to set the new speed record, as the timing conditions affected the result, despite the fact that the crew recorded the new speed of 92.4 kilometers per hour, which would have allowed to overcome the previous record achieved in 2019 during the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge.

The crew aboard Anvera E-lab during the E-Regatta consisted of Luca Ferrari, World Class 1 Champion as a pilot in 1994 and one of the founding members of the Anvera brand, and Maurizio Cheli, Astronaut at the Johnson Space Center in Houston of the NASA.

The excellent results obtained and the shower of awards received testify to the completeness of the Anvera project, which makes research and innovation one of its strengths, and which with Anvera Elab intends to shape and innovate the future of electric mobility at sea.