The appointment with the Cannes Yachting Festival has been postponed to 2021, following the notice of cancellation of the Show, initially scheduled for 8 September.

With the month of August, the 2019/2020 nautical deliveries season is traditionally coming to an end in the Mediterranean and the LG-YACHT shipyard is proud to have successfully fulfilled and completed deliveries of all boats ordered before the entire world was affected by Covid spread.

The main focus is now on the new ANVERA 48 with two-cabin version layout, and on the new ANVERA models that will be launched and presented all over the world in the 2020/2021 nautical season.

Anvera 48, traditionally equipped with one only wide and comfortable master cabin, this time will be equipped with its master cabin and a second full height cabin with queen size bed. The bathroom layout, slightly modified from the standard, remains functional and ergonomic in this new layout. This new ANVERA 48 two cabins version layout will also proudly have on board a huge and absolutely comfortable fixed sunpad in its 19 square metres beach area. This new sunpad, which substitutes the traditional floating chairs on this specific unit, has been manufactured in our shipyard and it is all in carbon fiber with a significant storage space under the three adjustable cushions on top.


Works in progress:

The construction of the new model ANVERA 42 goes on at the shipyard in Misano Adriatico: this new model, entirily built in carbonfiber, will still be characterized by two side opening terraces and by an amazing wide beach area on transom. The new model ANVERA 42 will be officially unveiled in October 2020.

To complete the ANVERA range, which can now boast the models 42, 48 and 55, LG – YACHT shipyard is already planning the launch of the new model Anvera 40, which will be the first ANVERA equipped with outboard engines, available in the market starting from 2021.



Last but not least, in this context ANVERA keeps on investing in the “all-electric propulsion” project with its prototype Anvera E lab, born from the experience capitalisation of LG-YACHT ANVERA and TecnoElettra companies still involved in fulfilling new challenges.