Anvera Elab

is technological challenge

Anvera Elab is the story of a technological challenge, it is our nature. It was born from the encounter between Anvera and TecnoElettra, which, since 1974, has been studying innovative projects in automation and motor sports. Together we created the prototype of a single-hull planing boat built only in carbon fiber as part of a larger project: the creation of a pleasure boat with totally electric propulsion. Even as a prototype, the boat is duly CE certified and has reached speed records that we are already prepared to beat.

Extreme lightness

The desire to seek new solutions for the best sea experience has led us to use advanced composite materials. The innovation is achieved by putting our know-how and experience to the test: our knowledge of carbon is crucial.



The study of structures and centres of gravity allows us to achieve the highest level of efficiency and consequently the least possible waste of energy. We are active and ardent supporters of a more sustainable approach, for us and for our planet.

Extreme exclusivity

The propulsion consists of an electric engine, batteries, transmission, control system and propeller. These components have been designed specifically for this vessel: Anvera Elab is a unique system in which all the parts are integrated.

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